The Evolution to Evangelism: Same great company, exciting new role

I have accepted a new role at Tintri as the company’s Principal Technology Evangelist. This means I will be taking a more customer-centric approach to shaping and articulating Tintri’s technology and strategy and I will be more closely aligned than ever before with Tintri’s Engineering, Product Management, and Marketing Teams. I will be working with our field employees, customers, partners, media, analysts, and the IT marketplace in general, to ensure our message is resonating across the spectrum. I’m incredibly excited to be taking on this role as I’ve been ‘all in’ on Tintri since the day I saw the technology in action.

IdeaBoyUSE-300x300Speaking of that day … There have been two powerful light bulb moments in my career. One was at VMworld 2007 and the other was about 15 minutes into my first face-to-face conversation with Tintri back in March of 2009.  The person at Tintri I met with showed me a bit of their Virtual Machine Aware storage in action. I instantly got it.  No lengthy explanation was needed.  The light bulb moment was very compelling.  What was supposed to be an initial 60-minute meeting turned into a three hour discussion as I couldn’t stop asking questions and digging deeper into all aspects of the company. I left the meeting feeling like I had to be a part of what Tintri was building.

Since then, I have loved watching customers have that same light bulb moment when we dig into all the Tintri goodness. In my new role, one of my goals will be to evoke as many of these light bulb moments as possible across the entire community.

As far as interaction with the community, another goal of my will be to focus on blogging and connecting with more people through social media. But I won’t be hiding behind this blog or Twitter. I will be in front of customers, prospects, and partners. I will be attending as many industry events as possible and I’ll be in Silicon Valley regularly. So if you see me, come say hello, introduce yourself, and let’s start a conversation.

I’ll wrap up this post by saying I’m thrilled that my new role with allow me to devote a large amount of my time focused on interacting with the virtualization community. Actively participating in the community has helped me learn and grow faster than I could have on my own, and I have a huge level of appreciation and gratitude for that.