So I finally started a blog…

It took a few years and some gentle nudging from my trusted advisors and close industry friend suggesting that I start my own blog…and here we are.

It feels good to finally get started.  That’s because those who know me know that I am passionate about our industry.  I like to share my perspective and opinions and spur conversation – about storage, virtualization, industry trends, new developments and everyday stuff too.  These are the things I plan to focus on in this blog.

When I’m reading technology blogs and articles, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that are concise yet compelling.  So one of my blogging goals is to produce content that is meaningful and easy to consume.  From time to time, I will go deeper but I promise to keep the marathon posts to a minimum.

Two bloggers (and close industry friends) who I think share this same philosophy while delivering exceptional content are Chris Wahl, VCDX #104, over at Wahl Network and Brian Suhr, VCXD #118, over at VirtualizeTips.

I’m not sure I will be creating technical content at the level these two are capable of, but with my background as a customer and consultant, and with my large vendor and startup experience, I believe I have a perspective that will be interesting to readers and valuable for our community as well.

I will likely be syndicating certain blogs that originate here over to Virtual Insanity, which is a consortium blog led by one of my awesome colleagues at Tintri, Scott Sauer.

Over time, I’m sure you’ll see my blog evolve from both a look and feel perspective as well as from a content perspective. And I hope that this blog will create an ongoing dialogue among us!